Jenna Jameson Slams Playboy For Featuring Transgender Playmate

"It is a foolish decision that alienates its consumer base.”

Jenna Jameson has a big problem with Playboy featuring its first openly transgender Playmate, French model Ines Rau, in the iconic magazine's 64-year history.

The former adult entertainer and Playboy model tweeted her disgust this week, writing, "I think it's setting fire to an iconic brand and pandering to this ridiculous PC world we live in."

"I just think it's a ridiculous attempt by Playboy to stay relevant," Jameson, 43, later told Fox News. "It is a foolish decision that alienates its consumer base.”

Since her initial comments, Jameson, a self-described "conservative libslayer," has been busy swatting away her own alienated fan base on Twitter.

"So many LGBTQ people have been fans of you & actually looked up to you & your empire," tweeted one follower. "That's sad you would be so judgmental."

"Just because I don't agree with a trans person being in Playboy doesn't mean I'm 'transphobic,'" Jameson replied. "I love my gay and trans peeps.”

"I have a problem with it just like I have a problem with a transgender competing against biological women in sports," she continued.

"It’s the right thing to do," late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner's son Cooper told the New York Times about the magazine's decision. "We’re at a moment where gender roles are evolving.”

On social media, Playboy compared the recent anti-trans criticism to the hate mail they received in 1965 after they featured their first African-American Playmate.

Rau's pictorial graces the November/December issue, a special 100-page tribute to Hefner.

Transgender actress Caroline “Tula” Cossey appeared a Playboy pictorial in 1981. She returned to the magazine in 1991, a decade after being outed as trans.

After Hefner’s death earlier this month, Cossey praised the publisher, tweeting, “Thank you for allowing me to share my story and for your support and platform that helped my campaign for trans rights and visibility.”

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