Gay Twitter™ Drags Porn Star Who Attended Apartment "Rona Rave"

And videos and photos were *face palm* posted to Instagram.

This time of self-isolation and quarantining can feel pretty lonely. Many of us who live alone or are separated from our loved ones would really just like a hug right now.

A bunch of gays in New York City must have felt the same way because they decided to throw caution to the wind and host a circuit party in their apartment. According to reports online, this "Rona Rave" started on Monday and was still happening as of Tuesday morning.

How do we know that this exclusive invite-only party happened? Because the partygoers posted about it on social media, sharing photos and videos to their Instagram stories. Gay adult film star Ian Frost posted multiple videos of him on the "dancefloor" as shirtless revelers grooved to the beats. Oh—did we forget to mention that there was a live DJ there?! Yep. But the DJ has since deleted his entire Instagram account.

Frost was recently interviewed by Australia's DNA Magazine, which asked him how he is staying sane during self-isolation:

I’m a master in terms of entertaining. It’d be impossible for me to get bored actually. I cook and eat three times a day so that’s already a good time invested in that. When not cooking, I’m researching and designing my soon-to-be-launched clothing label. I’ve also been making and altering my own clothes and I’m doing yoga after a long hiatus.

There was no mention of circuit parties in the interview.

Gay Twitter™ wasted no time reading all of the attendees for filth. Comedian and Twitterlebrity Phillip Henry provided a lot of the commentary alongside the video footage from Instagram, tweeting, "People are fucking dying left and right and the gays are having full on house parties on a Monday night in NYC. JAIL."

In case you forgot, the coronavirus spreads easily upon physical contact, so health officials are advising Americans nationwide to stay home and minimize contact with others as key preventative measures.

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