Nico Tortorella Debuts Drag Alter Ego As Newest Member Of Milk's "Dairy Queens"

Introducing Almond Milk.

Fresh off of divulging that he is sexually fluid at a Pride event last month, Younger star Nico Tortorella has something new to reveal — his drag persona, Almond Milk.

It appears that Drag Race fan favorite Milk has taken on the role of Tortorella's drag mother, which explains her choice of name.

The season 6 contestant was the first to post a photo of Almond Milk, revealing her new look to the world and welcoming her to the Dairy Queen family.

The Dairy Queens are an NYC-based drag family consisting of Milk, Ühu Betch, Skim Burley, Linda Lakes and Juggz.

Milk and Nico recently appeared on the red carpet together at TrevorLive, and discussed the impact of last month's massacre at Pulse in Orlando.

Although it isn't clear whether Almond was making a one-time appearance or if she will be a permanent member of the crew, we did uncover a hidden YouTube video that provides us with a little more backstory into the character.

The 13-minute video, which was first posted back in March, has only been seen a handful of times, and it finds Almond in the same outfit that she's wearing in the photo that was just released to Instagram on Friday.

At the end of the video, Milk makes an appearance and declares, "Get ready to see Almond Milk on mother-f*ckin' RuPaul's Drag Race."

Get better acquainted with Almond Milk in the NSFW video below.

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