Happy Birthday Benny Hill! Here Are 4 Classic Movie Scenes Improved With "Yakety Sax"

For many people of a certain age, The Benny Hill Show was our first introduction to slapstick ... and boobs. And slapstick boobs. The Thames show ran for over 30 years in England, and in The States, could usually be seen late Friday or Saturday nights.

The comedy was of a "different era," meaning it was sexist and objectified women, but oddly, it was inoffensive and in a way, there was an innocence about it. The most popular part of every Benny Hill Show was the final segment, in which he would be chased by various characters, usually buxom and/or angry women, to the tune of Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax."

Benny died in 1992, but today would have been his 90th birthday, so I decided to pay tribute by picking four famous movie scenes and giving them the Benny Hill treatment. Take a look and tell me these scenes aren't even more entertaining with a little "Yakety Sax." Hell, life would be better if we all had a little "Yakety Sax."

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