The "Hocus Pocus" Sequel Could Give Us a Lesbian Love Story

And the romance is officially canon!

Remember Hocus Pocus? The 1993 Halloween-themed Disney film that follows a teenage boy trying to save his sister from three witches brought back to life for one night. The cult film favorite now has a sequel on the way, and it looks like queerness will be an important part of the main plot.

As Deadline writes, the new Hocus Pocus film is already in the works for the Disney Channel. It will have a new cast and director from the original, and the plot is rumored to come from a novelized version of Hocus Pocus, which includes a retelling of the original story along with a sequel.

From the novel, there are a few key plot points that can be gathered: 25 years after Max and Allison have defeated the Sanderson sisters, the couple is married and living in Salem with their daughter, Poppy. Poppy doesn't believe in witches, but one of her classmates, Isabella, does—and Poppy's definitely interested in Isabella. The two eventually team up, taking on three (possibly new) witches and other causes of supernatural trouble.

If the new Hocus Pocus takes the plot from the novel, then we will see a lesbian romance blossom on-screen. Disney has had a complicated history with including LGBTQ storylines into their franchises, only having their first queer-focused story shown on screen in October 2017. But a queer Hocus Pocus will be a major step to rectifying that.

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