7 Stars We Would Cast In NBC's Upcoming Live "Peter Pan" Musical

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Peter Pan will be the next live musical NBC will produce for the small screen, the network announced today. The show, which will hit the small screen December 4, is a smart choice: While the character of Peter Pan is widely known and loved, the musical is not particularly iconic with today's audiences. In other words, comparisons to legendary Pan portrayer Mary Martin will be less likely than the ones poor Carrie Underwood suffered against the peerless Julie Andrews.

To help out the show's producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, we've come up with seven possible casting choices for the role of the Boy Who Never Wanted To Grow Up.

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1. Pink

We nominated the "Just Give Me a Reason" singer when the network first announced it was following up The Sound of Music. She might be a little butch for the flighty Pan, but we already know Pink can totally fly around the stage singing her heart out. The rest is just makeup and lights.

2. Glenn Close

We know Close has a good relationship with Disney (101 Dalmatians, anyone?) and since she never got to take Sunset Boulevard to the screen, this would be a nice concession prize. Sure, Close is a little long-in-the-tooth to play Peter, but that never stopped Mary Martin or Sandy Duncan.

Plus, thanks to Albert Nobbs, we known Close can convincingly play a male lead. Heck, she's a shoo-in for an Emmy.

3. Clay Aiken

How sneakily subversive would it be to have a gay man play a male role traditionally performed by a woman? Aiken toured with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, so we know he has the chops, and this might convince him to give up his bid for Congress.

4. Miley Cyrus

Rumor is NBC  brass already want Cyrus for the role: The Hannah Montana veteran is no stranger to acting, and such a family-friendly role might (ironically) help ground the Queen of Twerking.

Hey, if she can swing on a wrecking ball, she can fly from a window ledge.

jennifer hudson

5. Jennifer Hudson

We had originally hoped ABC might go for a small-screen version of The Wiz, but since they've opted for a Disney classic, why not buck convention with an African-American Peter Pan? J-Hud is looking more flawless than ever and desperately needs a project that will rightfully put her back in the spotlight.

chris colfer lea michele glee christmas

6. Chris Colfer

If we had to pick a Gleek best-suited for the role of Peter Pan, pixie-ish Colfer is an obvious choice. Heck he could just wear his costume from Glee's Christmas episode.

jerick hoffer jinkx monsoon

7. Jinkx Monsoon/Jerick Hoffer

We've seen Jinkx belt it as Grey Gardens' Little Edie and howl as Hedwig. But we're positive the Drag Race champion could nail a more cherubic role like the patron prince of Neverland. And if NBC won't cast Hoffer as Peter, how about Tinkerbell?

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