How'd Ariana Grande Ask Madonna To Play God? Text Message.

It would have been funny if Madge responded two weeks later with, "just seeing this. sorry!"

Who says pop stars aren't like the rest of us? When they want to get together to hang out and create best-selling songs, they don't pick up the phone, they text each other.

Per People, during a taping of Ariana Grande's upcoming BBC special, the pop sensation shared how she got Madonna to join her for the "God Is a Woman" video.

"I texted her, which is so cool. I can text Madonna!" Grande said. "Within a couple of minutes, she replied. She was like, 'Send me everything!'"

In August, Grande told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show why it was important for Madge to participate in the project.

"Without Madonna, I wouldn't be able to make a song like that," Grande said. "She paved the way for all of us and has been here fighting that fight way longer than any of us."

Good thing Madonna didn't leave Grande on read.

Ariana Grande at the BBC airs November 1 at 8 PM EST on BBC One. Below is an exclusive performance of Grande accompanied by an all-female orchestra for the special.

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