Laganja Estranja Makes Drag Herstory With A Death Drop At Machu Picchu

C'mon, Incas!

Laganja Estranja gave the spirits of Machu Picchu one hell of a show on Thursday, when she climbed to the top of the ancient city to deliver a sickening death drop.

Mocking her now-iconic RuPaul's Drag Race entrance, the season 6 sweethart posted a video of the historic first on Instagram.

"Oh y'all wanted a twist, eh?" she calls out.

"Come on Peru, let's get sick'ninnnng yaas!"

"The first @rupaulsdragrace queen to #deathdrop and perform in Peru!!" Laganja wrote. "What an honor, I will be back soon!!"

In the caption, Laganja also thanked local queen Cristina Corazon for "going against the grain and inspiring change not only in those around [her], but also in [her] country."

Meanwhile, just south of Peru, Manila Luzon marked another major first by proposing to her boyfriend on stage during a gig in Chile.

A truly herstoric weekend all around! Congrats, queens!

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h/t World of Wonder

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