Suspect at Large After Shooting a Trans Woman in Texas

The current condition of the victim, identified as Pinky, is unknown.

A suspect is at large after shooting and injuring a trans woman in Houston, TX, nearly a week ago.

Around 11am on January 24, a transgender woman was shot at a gas station in west Houston by a man who chased her, reports the Houston Chronicle. The shooter fled the scene shortly after the incident, and the victim was rushed to a local hospital. News outlets have no updates on her condition, according to The Advocate.

Initial reports from local news outlets (including the Chronicle) correctly identified her as a woman, but later misgendered her as a 24-year-old male because of the gender marker on her driver's license.

On January 26, members of Austin's Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) were able to verify the identity of the victim, a trans woman who goes by the name "Pinky."

Transgender Education Network of Texas

TENT also addressed the dangers of misgendering victims of transphobic violence:

The initial report listed her as a woman, but then later in the same report went on to state her gender marker identified her as male. Unfortunately, this is a story that plays out far too often in our community. Due to the complicated process and financial barriers that our community face when changing our identification to match who we truly are many of us do not have the means or access to be able to have a state issued license or ID that identifies us correctly as who we are.

News of Pinky's injuries come less than three weeks after Dana Martin, a trans woman living in Montgomery, AL, was fatally shot. Like the vast majority of victims of anti-transgender violence reported in 2018, Martin, 31, was a black trans woman.

As of this story's publication, the suspect who shot Pinky is still at large. According to the Chronicle, police have described the suspect as a black male roughly 5'8". He was last seen wearing gray sweatpants and a gray hoodie and reportedly fled the scene in a light-colored SUV.

Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect is encouraged to contact Houston Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477).

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