Fans Demand Album From Chris Colfer

[caption id="attachment_85850" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Chris Colfer wants a Glee meets Downton Abbey special episode. Lord Kurt. (Getty)[/caption]

With so many of his Glee contemporaries releasing debut albums, Chris Colfer fans are not letting the Golden Globe-winning star off easy. Colfer has denied interest in taking a solo music turn—preferring to focus on his film and novel-writing—but while promoting  Struck By Lightning in Paris this week he addressed doing an album a little more optimistically.

"I'm terrified to do an album," Colfer admitted at the Champs Elysées Film Festival.  "To the point where if I did do an album I'd want to name it Clearance Bin— just in case it ends up in the clearance bin, [Icould say] 'I told you so!' Maybe. I think I would need maybe some kind of Internet campaign or something. So if people ask me why are you doing an album I could say 'Well they told me to!'"

Fans, not one to back down from a such a clear directive, have started a Twitition to get an album from the Gleek.  It's small so far, but only 12-hours-old, barely time to reach Colfer's 1.8 million followers. If they succeed, and Colfer lives up to his end of the bargain,  he'll join Glee stars like Matthew Morrison, who just released his second album, Where It All Began, and Lea Michele, who says her debut album is "almost done."  (Not to mention impending releases from Naya Rivera, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale and Darren Criss.)

Chris better get on it before the train leaves the station, if you know what we mean.

Do you want to hear original music from Colfer?

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