Carmen Carrera Responds To Stupid, Trans-Bashing Segment On "Watch What Happens Live": WATCH

On last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen thought it'd be a hoot to play a game of "Kardashian or Kardishi-MAN," where guests Kris Jenner and Patti Mallette (Justin Bieber's mom) had to figure out if someone was a Kardashian or a drag queen. (Someday we'll have someone who's both.)

The whole bit was crude enough, but Cohen included throwing in an image of one of our favorite Drag Race stars, Carmen Carrera, before panelists Jenner and Mallette.

We will point out that the evening's bartender, Lady Bunny, immediately pointed out that Carrera is now in fact a woman, and not a drag queen.

Above, Miss Carrera—still radiant in the early morning—gives the show a piece of her mind. C'mon Andy, I thought you were better than that. No mazel.

It's not the first dirtball move Carrera has endured: Last year producers of Cake Boss thought it'd be a hoot to have her flirt with Cousin Anthony and then disclose she was "a man."  (Which anyone who's met Carmen can contest she's not.)

Why do there have to be all these haters? Are you jealous of Carmen's boogie? I mean, I definitely am but I don't throw shade at her.

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