DJ Lina Bradford On Her New Talk Show And Life After Fire Island

The dollhouse is open!

The cult of DJ Lina is strong and impassioned.

Lina Bradford has been a staple on the New York and international club scene for almost 20 years, DJing various parties and events in New York and Europe.

For the past decade she was famous for providing the soundtrack to Fire Island during her massively popular weekly parties at Sip-N-Twirl in the Pines.

Last summer Lina decided to hang up her headphones and wave goodbye to Fire Island. Now she has embarked on a new chapter of her life which includes DJing—of course—but also traveling the world speaking with LGBT youth and starring in a new YouTube talk show In the Dollhouse with Lina.

Lina sat down with NewNowNext to talk about her new series and what fans can expect from this next chapter.

How has life been post-Fire Island?

It's been so cathartic and beautiful. I have always had this guiding light inside of me that has always had me leave the party before I'm asked to leave. I think it was the perfect time to leave, my ten year anniversary.

Did you know what you were going to do after you left?

I knew that during the winter it would speak to me where it was I was supposed to go. That’s what put the wheels in motion with doing the talk show. It’s something I’ve always been doing since I was a child, playing with my Barbies. I have been a Barbie collector since the age of four.

Do you know how many you have?

Last time I counted: 657, but it’s been a long time.

Do you have a favorite?

Tuesday Taylor and Tiffany Taylor, and two DJ Lina dolls that were made for me in Paris. They look like me, they have freckles and a DJ booth you press the button underneath and it lights up. So that was the biggest gift you could give me.

What can viewers expect from your new show?

It’s all the fun little quirky things that my friends who know me as Lina, but other people only see me as a torso behind a DJ booth. They'll get to see this other side of me that they never got to see.

Theres a lot of people who only know me from the Island, but I was feeling: "who is Lina now?" That was my moment that happened over the winter. When you meet Lina it's Lina, and a whole lot more.

Watch the first episode of In the Dollhouse with Lina with special guest cabaret, legend and performer Justin Vivian Bond:

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