DC Comics Launches Special Comic To Benefit Pulse Victims

The 144-page special issue, "Love is Love," will hit stores in December.

DC Comics and IDW Publishing are teaming up on a special 144-page comic book to benefit victims and families of the June 12 attack on Orlando's Pulse nightclub.

The comic, titled Love is Love, will retail for $9.99 and contain more than 100 stories, each one or two pages.

"I purposely said it would be a one-page thing to get people to commit,” Marc Andreyko, who organized the comic, told the New York Times.

Andreyko, who is openly gay, has worked on titles like Manhunter, Batwoman and Wonder Woman '77, which is set in the continuity of the Lynda Carter TV show. In addition to gathering talent for the benefit book, he helped pair artists and writers.

"I was e-Harmony-ing people—mixing and matching and seeing who felt right."

Creators who have signed on include Phil Jimenez, Paul Jenkins, Matt Wagner, Olivier Coipel, Patton Oswalt Steve Sadowski, Marguerite Bennett, Steven Orlando, Rafael Albuquerque, Jason Aaron, Jason Latour and Ming Doyle.

“When Marc brought this project to me, there was no hesitation about us getting involved,” says IDW's Chris Ryall. “To echo Marc’s sentiments, we are proud of the hard work and talent that has gone into this project and to be involved in any way to support the survivors and their families in the face of tragedy.”

"Events like this shouldn’t be compartmentalized,” says Andreyko. "They should hurt and we should want to change for the better.”

Love is Love is expected in stores this December.

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