Romantic "Real Is Rare" Diamond Ad Features Lesbian Couple

"The future is so much more exciting with a girl like you in it."

The Diamond Producers Association's current campaign, Real is Rare, features stories of couples who have found an authentic connection. Among the vignettes is "A Girl Like You," about two women who lock eyes from across the room at a wedding.

Diamond Producers Association

As their story unfolds, we see they've shared many romantic moments together—dancing in a nightclub, throwing branches onto a bonfire, and a Notebook-esque scene with one of them playing the piano.


Real Is Rare

"I know it's not perfect but it's ours," the female narrator declares. "It's messy but it's also beautiful. The future is so much more exciting with a girl like you in it."

In a nice change of pace, the diamond ring isn't even the focus of the spot, now running online and on TV. And while the women are at a wedding, it's not their own.

Deborah Marquardt, chief marketing officer of Diamond Producers Association, says the goal is “to open the lens on how we view commitment, love and connection,” to a younger generation not as fixated on marriage.

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