Indiana Restaurant Owner Says He'll Use New Law To Refuse To Serve Gays

At least one Indiana business is excited to start using the state's new Religious Freedom Restoration Act to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

A caller to RadioNOW 100.9 told listeners, “I’m 100% behind people’s lifestyles, and what they want to do, but I don’t want them to bring that into my place of business, and make other people that are there feel uncomfortable."

The caller, who identified himself only as "Ryan," touted his religious values—saying “I grew up Christian, and I believe in man and woman, Adam and Even not Adam and Steve." But he seemed to have a more earthly reason for banning now indiana

“If a couple comes into my restaurant and makes other people leave my place of business, then I’m losing more money from the people leaving than coming in,” he explained.

Ryan also revealed he didn't even wait for Gov. Mike Pence to sign the law to start turning away LGBT people.

“I have discriminated—I have said something was broken in the kitchen and that I couldn’t serve them," he revealed. “I told them that the fan was broken and they left.”

When the hosts prodded him to reveal the name of his establishment, though, Ryan lost his nerve: “I don’t want to say what business I own... I don't think I'm ready to come of the closet with that.”

Hey, that's OUR thing.

Listen to the call below

h/t: Pink News

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