Producer Of Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe" Confirms Ruby And Sapphire Are Lesbian Couple

Ian Jones-Quarterly, a producer for Cartoon Network's Steven Universe, confirmed that Ruby and Sapphire, two lead characters on the show, are a lesbian couple.

In the wake of an episode that saw the two embrace and kiss, Jones-Quarterly tweeted that the fierce ladies "are in a romantic relationship."

He was then asked if Ruby and Sapphire were “nonbinary femme-presenting lesbians” and responded, “by human standards and terminology, that would be a fair assessment!”

[caption id="attachment_214219" align="alignnone" width="382"]garnet Garnet from "Steven Universe"[/caption]

Technically speaking the two heroes, who fuse to become Garnet, are gems and not people—and are genderless, according to creator Rebecca Sugar.

But, as one commenter wrote in a HuffPo story, "The gems act, look, sound and refer to themselves as females, and people are simply going to assume that's what they are."

Cartoon Network has long incorporated LGBT characters and storylines, from Courage the Cowardly Dog all the way to Adventure Time.

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