Meet "The Fabulous Allan Carr" In New Doc On The Flamboyant Film Producer

Watch the trailer for the latest film from the director of "I Am Divine" and "Tab Hunter: Confidential."

You may not know the name Allan Carr but you know his work.

The outlandish and larger-than-life producer was behind classics like Grease and campy bombs like Grease 2 and Can't Stop the Music (the Village People movie) and was responsible for bringing La Cage Aux Folles to Broadway, sweeping the 1984 Tonys.

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Carr was a producer, manager and marketing genius who not only produced film and theater but also threw elaborate parties in his L.A. home—equipped with its own private disco.

His life was documented in the 2010 book Party Animals: A Hollywood Tale of Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll Starring the Fabulous Allan Carr, and now there is a documentary The Fabulous Allan Carr that tells the story of his over-the-top party days and eventual downfall.

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Carr managed the careers of stars like Ann-Margaret, Peter Sellers and Joan Rivers. He was also responsible for finding new faces like Mark Hamill and Michelle Pfeiffer.

"Over the years, I started hearing about this guy. I just knew the basic facts: he was a producer; he was gay; he was larger than life; he wore caftans; he had a disco in his basement; and I just heard all of these bits and pieces of information about him," director Jeffery Schwarz told Equality 365.

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The Fabulous Allan Carr is the latest project from Schwarz who is the man behind other recent documentaries Vito, I Am Divine and Tab Hunter: Confidential.

"With this film, I also wanted to explore the gay experience in Hollywood in the 1970’s and 80’s – the new freedoms that could be enjoyed, and what the limitations were," Schwarz explained. "It was an opportunity to tell a social history from the era when homosexuality was never discussed and gays sought solace in the movies through the hedonistic 1970’s, embracing the sensual and then the 1980’s when AIDS came along and ruined the party."

The documentary features archival footage of Carr along with interviews with the celebrities who were close to him including Bruce Vilanch, Lorna Luft, Maxwell Caulfield, Michael Musto, Marlo Thomas, and the late Robert Osborne.

The Fabulous Allan Carr recently had its world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival and will screen at the Frameline Film Festival in San Francisco in June.

Watch the exclusive premiere of the trailer for the film below and check out the film's website for additional screenings that will be announced in the coming months.

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