Zero And Jude Hit The Shower On The "Hit The Floor" Series Finale

The show's resident gay couple went out with a bang.

VH1's basketball drama Hit The Floor ended its run with the "Til Death Do Us Part" special Monday night, resolving most of the series' storylines and giving us a wedding to boot. Devils captain Zero (Adam Senn) and his agent boyfriend, Jude (Brent Antonello), got a steamy resolution of their own.

Hit The Floor has never shied away from sex, gay or straight, and Zude's shower was appropriately cheeky.

"It’s been really, really great," Senn told NewNowNext earlier this year about the characters' ongoing storyline. "The support from the audience has been incredible."

Part of the credit goes to Hit the Floor's out creator James LaRosa, who wanted to make sure their romance was just as torrid as the straight ones on the show.

"In that episode where Jude and Zero [first] had sex, we had a sex scene with Jelena and Terence as well, and it was just as hot. They were both each treated exactly the same," he told NNN.

"I was like, “Okay, we’re going to shoot this scene, and you can’t be pussies.” If Logan and Rob, who play Jelena and Terrence, are going to yank each other’s clothes up and hold them up against walls and pull down zippers with their teeth… I mean, you guys have got to get in the game!"

Jude and Zero have been through their ups and downs, so it's nice to see they got a happily ever after.

And maybe wedding bells?

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