9 Disney Channel Original Movie Characters Every Gay Boy Loved

Which Was Your Favorite?

If you were a tween growing up in the late '90s/early '00s, chances are you took in your fair share of Disney Channel Original Movies, those made-for-TV gems that filled up our Friday nights with overwrought lessons on love, loss and friendship.

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They were fun, colorful and starred precocious teens who not only seemed a lot smarter than the adults in their lives, but were also ridiculously attractive in comparison to us gangly, pimply watchers at home. Some of these cuties became our role models and some of them, well...let’s just say they inspired feelings of a totally different sort.

Below, we’ve rounded up our list of DCOM characters that all gaybies either wanted to be like...or wanted to be with.

Andy ‘Brink’ Brinker, Brink!

Nothing was ~dreamier~ than a sk8r boi in the late '90s, so when Brink! hit airwaves in early 1998, tween girls and gays fell hard for the movie’s protagonist, Andy ‘Brink’ Brinker.

With perfectly stylized highlighted hair, a heart of gold and a goofy band of “soul-skater” best friends, Brink was exactly what we thought our high school soulmate would look like. Not to mention that he had the most enviable after school gig working at Pups-N-Suds, where he basically just gave baths to adorable puppies.

Kyle Johnson, Luck of the Irish

There was no bigger star on Disney in the early aughts than Ryan Merriman. With his cool spiked hair and baby blue eyes, he was the boy-next-door we all wanted to *ahem* get to know a little better.

And though he’d been kicking around on TV shows and smaller movies through the nineties, it was his iconic turn as Kyle Johnson in Luck of the Irish that really got us crushing. How could we not swoon for a hot teen who also happened to be a leprechaun?

Zenon, Zenon Girl of the 21st Century

Though we may not have necessarily crushed on Zenon, we all wanted to be like her. She had a fieeece wardrobe, a sharp wit and a fiery independence that made her strong, cool and powerful.

She never took no for an answer and it was this confidence that allowed her to not only save her space station home from an ~evil~ virus, but also helped her to befriend the absolutely hunky rock star, Proto Zoa, who made all our pre-pubescent hearts go *zoom zoom*.

Johnny Tsunami, Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Tsunami was sweet, effortlessly chill and expert at two of the coolest sports of the early '00s: Snowboarding and surfing. He wasn’t necessarily the hottest DCOM star, but his gregarious personality and cute relationship with fellow student Emily made him seem like the perfect dude to hang ten with.

Alex Thompson, Alley Cats Strike

Alex Thompson from Alley Cats Strike embodied cool with his vintage shirts and perfectly coiffed hair. He was cute and funny and incredibly talented at bowling, a goofy sport that he managed to play with plenty of swoony charm.

Andrea ‘Andi’ Carson, Motocrossed

One of the only Disney Channel Original Movies to touch on gender identity, Motocrossed was subtly pretty radical and empowering for its time.

Andrea Carson, the movie’s main heroine, loves motocross but isn’t permitted to race because her father sees her as “just a girl.” However, when her twin brother dislocates his knee, preventing him from competing in a big competition, Andrea chops off her gorgeous blonde locks, takes on the name Andi and races in his place.

Though Andi encounters plenty of sexism and misogyny along the way, she handles it with grace and determination and gave us all the inspiration to better live our truths.

Duncan Fletcher, My Date with the President’s Daughter

Duncan Fletcher was handsome, goofy and affably played by Boy Meets World hunk, Will Friedle, so what else were we supposed to do but fall in love with him? Plus the movie also featured a scene in a night club as well as a make out session, which made us feel like we were extra *cool* for watching it.

Dimitri Denatos, Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire

Though most of our Disney crushes fell within our teenage age range, there was one stud who inspired a totally different feeling in our hearts, the devilishly handsome Dimitri Denatos from Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire.

Sure, he was a vampire, but he was also suave and daddy AF. TBH, we’d probably still let him sink his teeth into us – if he asked nicely.

Jett Jackson, Jett Jackson: The Movie

Inspired by the hit TV show The Famous Jett Jackson, Jett Jackson: The Movie follows the life of fictional TV star Jett Jackson as he trades places with his on-screen character Silverstone after a freak accident on set.

Jett Jackson was level-headed, smart and way savvier than any of us teenagers ogling him from the other side of our TVs. And it didn’t hurt that he was also mighty fine to look at and never seemed to break a sweat while deactivating bombs and saving small children from house fires.

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