Trump Expected To Remove Health Care Protections For Transgender Americans

Women who have had abortions are also at risk under the potential policy changes.

The anti-discrimination policies set up by Obamacare designed to protect transgender patients are now in danger of being rescinded, according to The Hill.

The Department of Health and Human Services has reportedly crafted a proposed rule that would allow doctors to legally refuse treating trans patients or women who have had abortions, two groups who were protected under the Affordable Care Act.

A Christian group previously sued to rescind those protections by claiming they were against its members' religious beliefs. The group won the case and a Texas judge then blocked the provisions from going into effect.

The Department of Justice never appealed the ruling after Jeff Sessions was appointed as the Attorney General of the Trump administration earlier this year, and now the provisions are at risk of being removed entirely.

The guidance won't go public until the DOJ reviews it and sends it to the Office of Management and Budget, so it remains unclear if the changes will affect gay, lesbian and bisexual patients, as well.

Joshua Block, a senior staff attorney at the ACLU, said the group has been "raising alarm bells" about this issue for a long time and is prepared for when the proposal is officially released.

“I don’t think they [HHS] are going to have an easy time," Block told The Hill. "We’ll make sure they hear every objection and justify what they’re doing."

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