Princess Bubblegum and Marceline Finally Kissed on "Adventure Time"

Bubbline is canon!

After nine years, the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time has come to an end.

The surreal fantasy cartoon has had a strong fan following since its beginning in 2007. The series finale, which aired on September 3, marked the end of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human's adventures in the land of Ooo in an open-ended final episode.

But fans were the most excited for the confirmation of one couple: Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum. The two started out as friendly rivals, but their relationship slowly moved to something more romantic after being hinted at for years in the show. During the four-part finale, Bubbline was confirmed as a couple on-screen, when Marceline and Bubblegum embraced and kissed.

Fans were beside themselves as they were waiting for this moment:

The Adventure Time animated series might be over, but the adventures of the characters will continue in a comic series from Boom! Studios. Still, the confirmation of Bubbline is a great move for queer representation in animation.

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