Dolly Parton Gives Us an Update on Her Elusive Gay Dance Album

The country legend also dishes on her love for "Drag Race," and being the ultimate drag icon.

Dolly Parton just accomplished a rarity for a country music artist: She hit No. 1 on the Billboard dance charts.

The hit song in question is "Faith," her new collaboration with Galantis, a Swedish EDM duo. If that total banger has you hoping for more Dolly on the dance floor, then we have some good news for you country queens out there.

Dolly recently sat down with NewNowNext to discuss her new Netflix series Heartstrings, with the conversation eventually turning to "Faith" and her plans for keeping gay fans boogying with her banjo.

"It's really uplifting with a dance beat, and I just loved the idea that people were going to be out there dancing, praising God," Dolly said, referencing her Galantis collab.

When asked about the dance album Dolly has teased her gay fans with for years, she let a few more details slip, including how she has written another song for the eventual queer classic: "I have a song 'Dance With My Darling,' so I may at some point put that out. Because I had a song written years ago, 'Just a Wee Bit Gay,' and it's really uplifting and fun. So this might be the time I do a whole dance record."

It may be a little soon to start planning an album release party, but the "Two Doors Down" diva did dish on her LGBTQ fans—and how she loves RuPaul's Drag Race.

"That drag show with RuPaul is great. I've always loved RuPaul," Dolly said, her eyes lighting up when the conversation turned to wigs and nails. "Who could be a better drag queen than RuPaul?! I love the fact that drag queens love to dress like me. To me that's a compliment, to get out there and sing my songs."

Harry Langdon/Getty Images

LOS ANGELES - 1978: Country singer Dolly Parton poses for a portrait session in 1978 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry Langdon/Getty Images)

One of Dolly's classic quotes is "If I hadn't been born a girl I would've been a drag queen," and she added that she loves "all of that gaud... flamboyant stuff, and colors."

"I just want to be part of anything and everything going on in this world, and I want to entertain and play to that fanbase," she explained. "I've always been proud of my gay following, and I think they all care about me because I care about them."

Check out NewNowNext's full interview with the country legend below.

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