Super-Fans Prove Their Heart Is True With Incredible "Golden Girls" Tattoos

Would you get inked with Sophia, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche?

It's one thing to thank someone for being a friend, it's another to have your friends permanently etched onto your bicep or ribcage. As the Golden Girls 30th anniversary approaches, we're sharing some sickening GG tattoos from some of the show's biggest fans.

Among them is out comedian Elliot Glazer (Broad City), who is always happy to show off his Bea Arthur tribute:

"Dorothy was always regarded as ugly and mannish," he told Huffington Post. "It was so deeply insulting and yet she, as an actress and comedian, let that happen for the sake of the joke. And I appreciate her for that."

Then there's this ink of our favorite foursome. (h/t: Pop Hangover)

Golden Girls podcaster H. Alan Scott documented getting his tattoo on Fusion.

This in-progress tat was shared on Ink361 by user Cecily Meggison.

Inktrend user kutaisa covered his entire torso with the girls from Miami.

But we reached peak Golden Girls tattoo-dom when Jimmy Kimmel introduced Betty White to people who have had her face emblazoned on their bodies.

"It makes me feel so wonderful—and so glad that I'm not them," she joked.

Logo will be sharing its own Golden Girls tribute with the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race, and a special marathon of the show's best episodes, starting Saturday, Sept. 12 at noon.