Taylor Lautner Parties In West Hollywood Gay Bar With Andrew Christian Model

Ugh @official_taylorlautner #taylorlautner.. I've never been more #attracted to someone in my life.. #husbands??! Hahaha half kidding #hotstraightguy #twilight #hotguys #feck #TouchThursdays

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Taylor Lautner has faced gay rumors ever since he went from Shark Boy to teen wolf. And while the 22-year-old has publicly proclaimed he's straight, he's obviously verrry comfortable with his gay fans: On Thursday, he hung out at legendary West Hollywood gay bar with Andrew Christian model Murray Swanby.

Swanby posted an Instagram of the two together this weekend, captioning it, “Ugh @official_taylorlautner #taylorlautner. I’ve never been more #attracted to someone in my life. #husbands??! Hahaha half kidding #hotstraightguys #twilight #hotguys #feck #TouchThursdays"

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Swamby is openly gay, and dating fellow AC model Pablo Hernandez.

If you found me #locked in your #bathroom at #work on a #Monday.. What would you do? ... #teammurray #thescandal #tiemeupanddontletmegetout!

On Saturday, Swamby reposted the photo, and seeming poo-poo'ed the idea that Lautner was gay, or at least coming out. He wrote "If Taylor Lautner was coming out, I would have taken him home Thursday night."

Of course all that Instagram really means is that Taylor Lautner is comfortable around gay guys, and we already know that: Back in April, he dined with A-list gay Kevin Spacey.

Twilight co-star Robert Pattison gave Lautner a big wet smooch at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

And the same year, he dined with filmmakers Dustin Lance Black and Gus Van Sant—but insisted it was all business. "I think they know I'm straight," he told GQ Australia at the time. "But they're really great guys."

You can see Lautner in his upcoming action drama, The Tracer, hitting theaters next year. As for Swamby, you can watch him in this Andrew Christian holiday promo.

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