Drag Queen Jumps Off Double-Decker Bus Into A Split And Slays Entire City Block

Elishaly D’witshes turned it out at Miami's Palace Bar, which is closing on July 4.

While it's not uncommon for drag queens to pull out a split during a live performance, one Miami queen has taken the move to a whole new level by landing it from the top of a double-decker bus.

Elishaly D’witshes slayed a group of patrons gathered outside Palace Bar last Friday with a jaw-dropping dance performance.

Decked out in a flashy red dress and leather boots, the queen somersaulted her way through the tables before noticing a tour bus parked outside the bar.

Quickly sashaying passed the customers, she hopped onto the bus and made her way to the top deck. Once there, she flipped herself over the guardrail and dangled for a moment before jumping into a full-on split.

And the crowd proceeded to lose its mind.

After nearly three decades serving as South Beach’s premiere gay bar and restaurant on the neighborhood’s famous Ocean Drive strip, Palace Bar is closing its doors on July 4.

The bar, known for its legendary live drag performances, has been celebrating its history with weekly performances dedicated to different decades of gay liberation all Pride month long.

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