Aaron Carter: I'm Ready To Embrace My Bisexuality And Start Dating Men

The singer opened up about his love life on the podcast LGBTQ&A.

When Aaron Carter came out as bisexual earlier this year, it came with an interesting stipulation—he was only interested in relationships with women. But the singer seems to have had a change of heart since recently exiting rehab and is opening himself up to love from any gender.

The singer first told paparazzi that, despite "an experience when I was 17 with a guy," he was only pursuing women as an adult. But on a visit to the podcast LGBTQ&A, the pop star told host Jeffrey Masters that he's opening his heart to other possibilities.

"No, I don't feel like that [anymore]," Carter said. "I'm just still confused about it...about bisexuality."

Despite still having things to work through, the singer said he doesn't want to shy away from being a member of the LGBT community.

"I definitely embrace my bisexuality and, you know, it's still new to me. I just started talking about it, really," he said. "I have my confusions and I'm still learning about the community."

And while the singer's recent album, Love, is based on previous flings with women, he's open to writing music about men at some point, too.

"Who knows what the future has to bring, whether it's a relationship with a guy, I don’t have a problem with that," he said. "It's something that I've already thought about for the album after this one. It's already been thought through."

Head here to listen to the full LGBTQ&A interview.

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