"Teen Wolf" Got Steamy With A Hot Gay Hookup Last Night: WATCH

[caption id="attachment_109991" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Hey boys! Hey boys![/caption]

We knew it was coming, but Teen Wolf delivered in a major way last night with a nice steamy gay hookup between Danny and Ethan (Keahu Kahuanui and Charlie Carver). There was kissing and body contact and rolling around in bed, and it was amazing.

Thank you Teen Wolf, thank you.

For those of y'all who have yet to see the show, it's hard to give a full backstory, but just know that Danny is the nice sweet resident gay in high school who caught the eye of Ethan this season, and forced to share a room at a haunted house the two decide to ditch their clothes and get down to business. Only problem is that Ethan is from a rival pack and everyone is a, wait for it, teenage wolf on the show.

But you don't need any of that knowledge to enjoy this scene, so just head here and check it out.

Also, props to the actors, who were definitely going for it in this scene.

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