A New Era Of Male Sex Dolls Is Here, And They Look Exactly Like The Real Thing

Plus, they'll never cheat on you.

Men have been getting it on with synthetic women since the olden days, but Vice is exploring the current rise of the male sex doll in its new series "Slutever."

Host and "resident sexpert" Karley Sciortino visits the L.A.-based company Sinthetics to learn as much as she can about the life-like silicon dolls they make uniquely based on each customer's specifications.

Co-owner Bronwen Keller explained that what people love the most is that they can design the dolls themselves.

"Boy-next-door faces actually do win quite often," Keller explained about the preferences currently trending. "Light chest hair is pretty common. Most often with the males they get quite a big bush which is interesting. Like, more pubic hair on the male dolls seems to be the thing at the moment — with a happy trail."

She went on to explain that adding personal imperfections like freckles, scars and birth marks also add to the rugged appearance and help make the dolls more life-like.

The segment ends with Sciortino actually trying out one of the dolls in her bedroom and it looks as though she likes what she feels.

"It feels absolutely indistinguishable from a real person," she says while straddling the doll.

Watch the full NSFW Vice video below to learn even more about the rising trend of male sex dolls.

h/t: Gay Star News

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