"Rocketman" Star Taron Egerton: "I Felt Richard Madden's Penis... On My Leg"

Not-so-"Tiny Dancer"?

It sounds like in the upcoming biopic Rocketman, Elton John is going to be tickling more than ivory keys.

Taron Egerton, who plays John in the film, graces the cover of Attitude magazine's June issue, and in the interview he goes into detail about sex scenes with co-star Richard Madden (Bodyguard, Game of Thrones), who plays John's first manager and lover.

“I felt Richard's penis... on my leg,” he told Attitude. “We shot a scene where we are both naked on a bed and we are rolling around. I don’t really know how much further we could have gone."

"In the script, this is the scene of Elton losing his virginity and we wanted to try to do that justice, and also at that point their relationship hasn’t broken down yet," Egerton explains. "They were falling in love and it’s beautiful because it should be. We didn’t want to play like they were a couple who were eventually going to fall apart, we wanted to play it like two guys in their early twenties who are falling in love and who are incredibly sexually attracted to each other."

The Daily Mail reported back in March that Paramount Pictures heads were allegedly “forcing” Fletcher and executive producer Matthew Vaughn to cut a 40-second scene featuring Egerton and Madden in “a nude cuddle,” presumably to obtain a PG-13 rating from the MPAA instead of R.

Paramount Pictures

Taron Egerton as Elton John and Richard Madden as John Reid in Rocketman from Paramount Pictures.

Some fans expressed concern on social media because director Dexter Fletcher had famously replaced ousted director Bryan Singer on the Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, which was criticized for straight-washing LGBTQ content.

Rocketman is now expected to be R-rated, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with that “intimate love scene” remaining intact. A source is cited as confirming “discussions” between filmmakers and the studio about the scene, “which has the F-word several times and includes brief rear nudity, and someone snorting cocaine.”

“I filmed my first sex scene for this film and it’s with quite a well-known man,” Egerton told MTV in November. “I do feel the movie we shot is absolutely a celebration of everything that Elton John is and part of that is his sexuality.”

Rocketman hits theaters May 31.