#TransDayOfVisibility Trends on Twitter as Community Shares Messages of Support

Coming together is as important as ever during a time of social distancing.

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), where a light is shone on our trans siblings and their lives and stories are uplifted.

While the global coronavirus pandemic has put a stop to the type of public gatherings typically carried out on this day, trans people and their allies are not letting that stop them from participating in TDOR.

In fact, #TransDayOfVisibility has trended to the number one spot on Twitter in the United States, and scrolling through the posts provides a beautiful reminder of the powerful ways in which community can be celebrated and fostered, even during a time of social distancing.

Below are just a sampling of the many tweets using the #TransDayOfVisibility hashtag to spread light, love, and awareness amid uncertain times.

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