Why Are You So Obsessed With Me? The 15 Most Erotic Queer Thrillers

It was 25 years ago when "Single While Female" forever changed roommate-seeking classified ads.

“I love myself like this,” moans Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female just moments after killing roommate Bridget Fonda’s boyfriend.

Back in 1992, SWF perfected the homoerotic apartment-thriller. In honor of the film's 25th anniversary, we decided to look at our favorite queer-tinged thrillers in which the hero doesn’t know what to make of their stalker. Is she trying to screw me, become me, or kill me!

Behold: A ranked list of our 15 favorite movies in which two same-sex leads straddle the borders between friend, lover, and enemy.

Jennifer's Body (2009)

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried are friends to the end—well, at least until Megan’s demonic possession tears their bond to gory pieces.

Les Biches (1968)

Les Biches

A rich woman agrees to make over a poor, unhinged girl in this classic from master of mystery Claude Chabrol, starring Jacqueline Sassard and Stéphane Audran.

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Jeepers Creepers

An especially twink-y Justin Long is stalked by a muscular monster with a gratuitously long tongue and a penchant for sniffing underwear (really).

Passion (2012)

Directed by Brian De Palma, Passion finds Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace facing off in an icy corporate office in Berlin. Rachel’s deadly ambitions are going to get somebody killed.

Swimming Pool (2003)

Swimming Pool

An author (Charlotte Rampling) and her publisher’s daughter (Ludivine Sagnier) butt heads—and more—during a murderous stay at a French vacation house.

Ravenous (1999)


David Arquette is horrified as he watches an irresistible Robert Carlyle lure Guy Pearce into the cannibal lifestyle in this testosterone-packed indie.

The Neon Demon (2016)

The Neon Demon transports viewers to the hellish world of modeling, where Elle Fanning try to stay alive under Jena Malone’s penetrating gaze.

Apartment Zero (1988)

A lonely, mother-oppressed cinephile (Colin Firth) positively melts when a hunky American spy (Hart Bochner) moves in. They flirt, and eventually, kill together.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

One of two titles on this list from the late, out author Patricia Highsmith (“Carol”), Matt Damon makes it all the way to Italy to worship, become, and destroy Jude Law.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

Mulholland Drive

Not everything is as it seems in David Lynch’s perverse Hollywood noir. Turns out, most of the film is merely Naomi Watts’s dark dream about her lesbian ex, Laura Harring.

Black Swan (2010)

You can thank Black Swan for revitalizing the obsessive queer thriller genre. Natalie Portman just wants to dance, but a young doppelgänger (Mila Kunis) and a transformative production of Swan Lake threaten her sanity.

The Living End (1992)

Two HIV-positive gay men, played by Mike Dytri and Craig Gilmore, violently hit the road (and often, sadly, each other) in this trigger-happy, unpredictable cult classic.

My Summer of Love (2004)

Emily Blunt landed her first lead role in this British thriller hauntingly scored by fan-favorite Goldfrapp. Two girls fall in love, but is one conning the other? The film also stars Natalie Press.

Strangers on a Train (1951)

Two gorgeous men—one who expresses a more than friendly interest in the other—literally knock boots in a train car before they make a murderous agreement. The film, starring Farley Granger and Robert Walker, is based on the novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith.

Notes on a Scandal (2006)

“Bitter old virgin” Judi Dench lets her sour crush on new arrival Cate Blanchett get wildly, thrillingly out of hand until the film's explosive climax. This one deserves a gold star.

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