HRC Honors Pulse Anniversary With New Report on Gun Violence

"Gun safety is an LGBTQ issue, plain and simple."

49 Scholarships Honor Lives Lost at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub

The 2016 gay bar shooting claimed 49 victims.

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The 2016 gay nightclub shooting claimed the lives of 49 people.

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Florida lawmakers introduced a bill that would designate it a federal landmark.

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Vigils are taking place across the U.S. to honor the 49 victims of the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando, three years ago today.

Pulse Survivors Honor 2 Year Anniversary With Call for Action

Parkland survivors spoke alongside them, underscoring America's continued inaction on gun violence.

Pulse Night of Remembrance: 6 Events You Can Attend Around the Country

June 12, 2018 marks two years since the deadly shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub, which claimed the lives of 49 people.

Activists Are Planning a National Die-In Two Years After the Pulse Massacre

Since the 2016 mass shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub, which claimed the lives of 49 people, gun violence has only worsened.

"Ex-Gay" Pulse Survivor Attends Anti-LGBT "Freedom March" In Washington, D.C.

The event, which drew just 36 people, was organized by "ex-trans" activist Jeffrey McCall.

Pulse Memorial In Orlando Opens To The Public

"Orlandoans truly love their city, their people, their family."